The actual shark in Bangkok

Bangkok Shark
This is based upon the 'Bangkok' Shark which protrudes from the pavement along the banks of the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok which I have sat at

Orange ceramic octopus
Orange ceramic octopus
orange ceramic octopus

'Tricky Dicky' Octopus

Named after the complex sexual process the males undergo to do the business! An exciting project by ceramic artist Geoff Paris and very time consuming but well worth the effort. Each sucker was placed individually on the arms/tentacles from a thin roll of clay cut into segments, then 'dented' so as to form the hollow. The body or mantle was then made, along with the siphon. 

Did you know that an octopus has 3 hearts, 9 brains and blue blood? 

Size: l x w x h in mm: 300 x 270 x 130


Some people think this is a real Plaice! Pleased with the outcome and the base has been 'stippled' with just slurry for the glaze firing and results in a sand effect. I made this plaice small enough so as to fit on the windowsill of the Quayside Hotel's Restaurant. When I make some more fish, I might put a hole in, so they can be hung up. One glaring mistake is that the pectoral fins are on the right (upper) side of the fish, whereas one should be on the left (under) side of the fish! Does it matter?? New species designed by ceramic artist Geoff Paris!!

 He swam off to Portland to follow a  Quayside Hotel guest for a change of the sea.

Heading 1


Blue legged Crab

Yes, they do exist!!

Size: l x w x h in mm: 270 x 190 x 42


Note the sand glued onto the base afterwards and
two cut bristles
from a broom glued into the face for his 'feelers'.


Coral Reef 1

One kind critic likened this to human body parts!!! Lungs, veins, liver slices etc....

Size: l x w x h in mm: 230 x 210 x 150


Blue Ringed Octopus
These 8 inch nocturnal Octopodes (or Octopuses/Octopi) are highly toxic. The male dies after mating whilst the female starves to death protecting the eggs. They also change colour and shape and are hard to spot being only the size of a hand.
size in mm: h x l x w   330 x 260 x 115


Green Crab

I'm very pleased with the outcome of this green crab and is  my favourite crab to date. (February 2019).

The main glaze used was an Ashy Green and was a bonus that the colours split to green and blue which added to the authenticity. The sea shells are also made from clay and are taken from a negative fired imprint of a real shell

and glazed appropriately.

Size: l x w x h in mm     235 x 230 x 46

Green Ceramic Crab
Green Ceramic Crab
Green Ceramic Crab
Green Ceramic crab
Green Ceramic Crab
Green ceramic Crab
Green Ceramic Crab
Green Ceramic Crab

Coral Reef 2
This is my second Coral Reef with the colours not quite so garish as the first. It contains a clown fish, a Giant Clam, and a Seahorse. You will notice that the tall corals have been left unglazed so as to mimic global warming or bleaching. The broken piece is intentional to signify a dying coral.
Size in mm: l x w x h: 260 x 190 x 120




Sea Otter  'Lotty'

Sea Otters frequently use pebbles or stones as a means of cracking open shells so they can eat the contents so I have made a stone and, in the middle of the otter have added glass before the firing so as to mimic sea water. Particularly pleased with the outcome of this because the glass has split the underglaze colours (walnut brown mixed with a little black) to a clear/light blue colour which is more natural - so an unexpected bonus.

Can be used as a desk tidy.....

Size: l x w x h in mm 330 x 120 x 60



This is a happy Octopus who is displaying his arms to hold your rings and bracelets

Size in mm: l x w x h   210 x 175 x 100